White Coat Hypertension CBT Guide

Here it is at last White Coat Hypertension CBT guide

I’m sure you have been doing some research on white coat hypertension and looking for a solution, and the advice most often given is to seek some CBT.

You can find general information on CBT but until now there has been no specific programme put together just for the White Coat Hypertension. Your search is over…

From the same team that has put together the white coat hypertension cure, now have put this extensive guide together on white coat hypertension CBT.

In this self-help manual you will find each of the steps that a good CBT therapist will take you through.  Unlike other talking treatments cognitive behaviour therapy deals with the here and now. The connection between your thoughts and your behaviours.

From this easy to follow guide, the benefits include

The ability to receive a full CBT results a fraction of the cost

We start with understanding your thoughts and how they affect your behaviour. You then move through the seven steps that create the change.

You receive all of the exercises and copies of all the worksheets that will be used in a live CBT sessions. This means you can also go at your own pace and use the system in your own time.

If you’ve ever tried to pick up a book on CBT, the first thing you’ll notice is that it is full of jargon and theory. This guide is designed to be an easy to follow and practical process which includes the essential theory where needed.

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