White Coat Hypertension

white coat hypertensionAt last a cure for the White Coat Syndrome

A systemic system to cure the misunderstood White Coat Hypertension

If you would like to pass your blood pressure exam and overcome this white coat syndrome, this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read

Using state of the art recording techniques this system will help you lower your blood pressure at that critical time of having your blood pressure taken.

It’s been said that White Coat Syndrome is all in the head, which helped us to create this treatment  – using a complex wave form, advanced psychology techniques and a 3 step program, we make the changes where it matters.

Now, you may be skeptical which is understandable. This system did not come about overnight, what you will find is that we have pulled together 20 years of research, which includes psychology, hypnosis, NLP, transactional analysis, Gestalt therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, and linguistics. To produce something that gets results.

White Coat hypertension is formed at an unconscious level, by trying to logically solve it, leads to dead ends. So the system is designed to make changes at the deep unconscious level, in a very safe way.

When my good friend Mark Fox, asked me to help him I agreed. He understood that White Coat Hypertension, should not affect him, but it still did. I put a system together for him and for the first time we are making it available to you.

Warning: at the time of writing, the only other available so called help for White Coat syndrome -a poorly recorded hypnotic mp3 with no support.

Unfortunately your choices have been either to take drugs or to talk to your doctor. You may not want to go down the expensive road of taking drugs, which could have an adverse affect on your long-term health. Talking to your doctor depends on a lottery, does you doctor understand or sympathize or even recognise it as a syndrome.

The most common course of action is to monitor your blood pressure known as Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement (ABPM) – sometimes also called 24-hour monitoring. If you have done this you know two things 1. Your blood pressure goes up and down 2. You blood pressure is normally fine outside the doctor office.

With the White Coat Cure System you take control.

Failing your blood pressure exam can cost you your job, which could easily be $30-60,000 a year if not more. You may fly planes as a hobby and lose your license, which would be a great loss in your life both in the investment of time and money.

To see me on a one to one basis would normally cost between £250-£350 an hour, and you would have to travel to the UK.

This is what the White Coat Syndrome Cure contains:

Instructions for using the system

The White Coat Cure Step 1: recorded using state of the art equipment. You will use this audio with headphones for 10-20 minutes a day for 5 days.

White Coat Cure Step 2: this is where we will reprogram your mind at a deep level. All you need to do is listen to the audio once a day with headphones for two weeks and let the audio make the changes for you. Please note: if you blood test is today and you are wondering if you can do something, yes – listen to this audio an hour before your appointment.  Yes, just this audio on its own is powerful enough to get the job done, we just want to make sure you get the results

White Coat Cure Step 3 – on the day Audio: 5-10-minute audio designed to boost the effects of the program on the day of the exam.

Support: We offer you unlimited email support, we will respond to any questions you may have for using this program normally within 48 hours. If the team cannot answer I will personally answer your question, if I am travelling it may be slightly longer, but you will be informed of the response date.

Order Hypertension Cure system today, which includes

  • Introduction to the system
  • Step 1 Progressive Relaxation
  • Step 2 The Change Work
  • Step 3 To day we see the results
  • Bonus: White Coat Hypertension and CBT guide
  • Bonus: White Coat Hypertension Music mp3
  • Email support in using the system

Price: The cost of this is equivalent to one, 1:1 session with me, which would be £250, this is a small sum for the results from this system.

Take action today and order the download version and we will put a line though the £250 and you will only pay £49 and give you as a bonus Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and White Coat Hypertension Guide.